Friday, September 21, 2007

He gave me a good life

I started reading this new book. It's called "Praise Habit " by David Crowder.
I have only read a little bit but so far I really like it. I am probably biased because I think his bands cd is one of my favorites in like 10 years. Oh, it's the one called "A Collision( Or 3+4=7 ) " . I think he has some really good insights .
The whole book is basically about letting Praise ( of God The Father ) become not just something we do but a way of life . He suggests that it could be possible for us to worship, honor , Praise Him in every aspect of our lives. Seems like a pretty tall order. It has me thinking , that is good .
There was a time when I thought I knew what I was doing . I was walking so closely I thought. I would spend all this effort on focusing on God and talking to Him
constantly. Then I hit real life. As those who do know me already know, I was in prison for something I am not proud of , it was a terrible thing, it changed my life permanently and destroyed much of it. But, at my lowest point, God was there. He Kept me from giving up , even after I had given up. He gave me a peace in the midst of what I saw as the end of my life , and I guess it actually was. I am not the same, my life is so much different and I lost a lot in this ordeal.
I lost my wife , my kids , my house ,some friends, my right to vote ,years of my and my children's lives and my dog ran away. Believe me when I say it was the end of that life.
But, like Job , God has brought it back. I have not one more son but 3 more than I had. Two are not my biological sons , but I will give you three guesses who they call Daddy? ( He asked him knowingly ).Being a bleeding heart artist I find that music often says it perfectly. there are 2 songs that describe the way I feel about what has happened in my life . The first is a song by Audio Adrenaline called " This is The Good Life" . The second is for the second part of my life it's "Family Man " by Andrew Peterson (the Cd is "Love and Thunder") it spells out for me the way God has restored me . This was not my plan, it's so much better than.
I can feel the Love when I come into my house. I also feel it when things are tense and I forget about this life that God gave me . God did this ,with no help at all from me. If anything I have stood in the way of any real progress He would have with me . Just one more demonstration of God's Love and His power.
With all the opposition I gave Him , He gave me a good life .
I need to remember that .

Monday, September 17, 2007


Monday !!
Today was a really great day, not much spectacular happened but it was a nice relaxing day off with my wife .
Her mom took the baby and we had a couple of hours to our selves . We even got to go out for lunch.
Early in the day we went to look at a house where , who knows ? We could end up moving.
It is just shy of an acre and is zoned agricultural, so we could have as many animals as we want. That is a really good thing because I am pretty sure we are in violation of some county code right now with 15 chickens and 2 turkeys in the back yard.
The owner sounded fairly positive when my wife spoke to him , I am planing on trying to talk to him tomorrow.