Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I love sushi!
I don't know if anyone reading this does , but man I am addicted to it .
I started out with some beginner stuff, but the last time my wife & I went out for sushi we tried Sea Urchin. Man ! was it good too . An oriental man I know told me it tasted like " the ocean" . You know what is strange? That's really what it tasted like , it is very hard to describe but I think " the ocean " is the best description of it .
I also make my own now . A while back my wife bought me a rice cooker and did that ever make it easier . I love having a rice cooker. I made some just yesterday and the day before for lunch .

Here is what I made 2 days ago . One is crab, scallion, cuccumber and avacado . One is a really basic California roll and one is salmon, cream cheese cuccumber & fresh peach. I like the blend with salmon(smoked or raw) cream cheese and some thing sweet. I think they go very well together . I have made one in the past with strawberries, also very good . I just thought I would share a picture and a passion of mine , Sushi!
I'm getting hungry now .

How about that?

I don't know how any one else feels about this , but I am hoping that soon we won't have to hear any more crap from George Bush. I think he has said enough to last us all a life time .

BBC NEWS | Americas | Bush marks two years from Katrina

Last Updated: Wednesday, 29 August 2007, 16:11 GMT 17:11 UK
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Bush marks two years from Katrina

US President George W Bush observes a minute's silence
The president still faces anger over his handling of the crisis

President Bush
US President George W Bush has praised the people of New Orleans and insisted the city will fully recover, two years after being hit by Hurricane Katrina.

"Better days are ahead," the president told an audience at a school in one of the districts flooded in 2005, before heading to neighbouring Mississippi.

In the wake of the storm Mr Bush vowed to "do what it takes" to rebuild the city, but he has since faced criticism.

Katrina killed 1,600 people in the states of Louisiana and Mississippi.

The storm made landfall as a strong Category Three hurricane at 0610 on 29 August 2005 and flooded some 80% of the city after levees broke under the pressure of the storm.

Maybe he does have a sense of duty to address these people , But I would rather see him actually do something than talk some more . George, actions speak louder than words, or so I've heard .

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Loss For Words

Tonight is a tough night . Not much to say , I really love my family . I wish they could get along .

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Friday, August 10, 2007


Yesterday Was my Birthday. I feel old , but not that old . I do feel extremely loved now , because my kids went out of their way ( with Grandma Sue's help) and got me some small , but very thoughtful presents.
My wife also made it clear to me that she does still love me very much and I am going to try from now on not to take that for granted . This life together isn't easy and can be pretty frustrating at times , But man has God blessed me beyond what I ever thought possible .
Just a few years ago I thought that I was done , I had nothing to look forward to I had lost my kids, I had lost every thing.
But it really is just like that song by Audio Adrenaline " The Good Life" I really did lose every thing , I could ever want ever dream of . But just like the song I found every thing I could ever need , here in your arms.
Here are some of the lyrics.

I've watched my dreams all fade away & blister in the sun,
every thing I've ever had has unraveled & undone.
I've set upon a worthless stack of my ambitious plans,
the people that I've loved the most have turned their backs & ran.
This is the good life ,
I've lost every thing ,
I could ever want ever dream of .
This is the good life ,
I found every thing ,
I could ever need here in your arms.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I am going to have a three year old again!
Calvin is turning three in a few days and it seems like he was just a little tiny baby such a short time ago .
This combined with my foot pain makes me feel very old . I know I'm not that old yet but , I am feeling it none the less.
I am really excited about this week with the boys.
A.J. turns five on Thurs . and Calvin will be three on Sat. ( Did I mention I got BOTH DAYS OFF!!!) . I am not hating my job quite as much today.
I think I am in sort of a rut and I need to get out of it . It is kind of hard with my job, because most days work is all I really have time to focus on. My family suffers some for this , not to mention my internal life ( the one in my head , where I mostly wear boxers all day ) and my relationships. All of my relationships.
So lately I find myself focused on my unhappiness and I really think it is counter productive , So far it has not helped me one bit to spend so much time on dread and dissatisfaction .
I wrote a poem that is sort of related to this attitude I have had lately and it is posted on my other blog Emancipated .
I hope that any one who reads this will read my poem and coment on it .
Any way , I hope you all have a great night .