Saturday, May 07, 2011

You can call it what you like

I've been pretty busy and pretty broke, because gas is like $3 billion a gallon now.
But I think life is pretty good. I really like it at my new job(although I have heard rumors that they want to move me to another campus) I don't make nearly enough money but the place is pretty nice and the people & students there are great.
I miss real cooking a lot, this place is mostly burgers and chicken tenders, plus I rarely cook when the fall semester is in. I will be doing basically everything there for the summer.
I am just hoping that I can either get a nice raise or find a unit to transfer to for a promotion where I can make more, because I was making this much a long time ago and I am doing a lot more work for it.

Apart from work life is pretty good, Johanna got a job as a server at a local BBQ place ( the same company I used to be a manager for) and so far she loves it there. As a friend once told me," restaurant work is like an addiction" Ain't that the truth?
She is making a little cash there and I think it's going to work out ok as long as I can get a raise.
The kids are doing pretty well, they have a few friends that we meet pretty much every week for play dates and the are all working on taking on more responsibility at home for their own things and messes.
The heat is almost here for real, today when I came home there were millions of love bugs every where, it's like you can smell them there are so many. I guess the heat and the rain we had today woke them up.
I've been playing my guitar more in my spare time ( what little I have) and I keep trying to write songs, but I guess it doesn't really matter that much and I can escape for a few minutes into my mind when I play music. So that's pretty much why I play any way.I'm certainly not trying to break into the music business or anything.
The one really cool thing about the long drive to work is I can listen to music the whole ride.
Our babies are doing ok, we have bunnies and pigs( not so small now) and the baby goat is bigger and eating well but still can be fairly annoying.We also have a few chicks that will probably end up as food for coyotes, but oh well.
So I guess that's it, Just hoping that things will continue to improve and that my older boys will be ok at some point and my mom won't be so angry with me.
isn't it strange the way the dynamics of relationships change as we get older?
there was a time that in my mother's eyes, I could do no wrong. I think she mostly tolerates me now.
And I Still lover her very much, but I never call her after about 8:00 p.m. and I go weeks without talking to her because I don't want to feel guilty. Not that I really think I have anything to feel guilty about (at least not what she thinks I should feel guilty for)it's all just so different than it once was between us.
everything changes I guess.