Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I am going to have a three year old again!
Calvin is turning three in a few days and it seems like he was just a little tiny baby such a short time ago .
This combined with my foot pain makes me feel very old . I know I'm not that old yet but , I am feeling it none the less.
I am really excited about this week with the boys.
A.J. turns five on Thurs . and Calvin will be three on Sat. ( Did I mention I got BOTH DAYS OFF!!!) . I am not hating my job quite as much today.
I think I am in sort of a rut and I need to get out of it . It is kind of hard with my job, because most days work is all I really have time to focus on. My family suffers some for this , not to mention my internal life ( the one in my head , where I mostly wear boxers all day ) and my relationships. All of my relationships.
So lately I find myself focused on my unhappiness and I really think it is counter productive , So far it has not helped me one bit to spend so much time on dread and dissatisfaction .
I wrote a poem that is sort of related to this attitude I have had lately and it is posted on my other blog Emancipated .
I hope that any one who reads this will read my poem and coment on it .
Any way , I hope you all have a great night .


Kristen said...

Hey, there. I like the poem a lot.

Has my mom sent you the little book about Brother Laurence? I was just thinking about it now when reading your post. It's about this monk who worked in the kitchen at the monastery where he lived, and how he was able to find joy in serving God by doing dishes, cleaning, etc. I think about it a lot when I'm feeling like what I do doesn't matter to anyone.

Happy Birthday to the boys this week!

shaun said...

thanks Kristen