Friday, November 23, 2007


I thought I would share what our Thanks Giving Day was like .
Quite different from what it has been in past years (a change for the better)

We had a really good day in spite of Calvin freaking out somewhat.
We went to both parents houses (mine & Johanna's) and it was pretty good at both places, plus we didn't really have to cook. Calvin decided each time we arrived somewhere new that he did not want to be there. I think he really wanted to be at home. At Grandma Sue's house it was a little hectic until he fell asleep, when he woke up later , he was in a much better mood. I did get a picture of the 15 year old sleeping next to him at Sue's.

When we got to my mom's house It was the same story .
He wanted to go home and told me so . But, after we were there for about a half an hour he was fine and playing with all the other kids. My sister and brother were there with their kids . My mom's house is pretty small and it got loud and chaotic, but a good time was had by all. My mom also proved once again that she is one of the best cooks to come out of Appalachia. She made a ton of food and I think an army could have been fed with the leftovers. Then we had "special coffees" and sat around and talked for a long time. It was a really good day all in all.

In the morning we did something that I think we will try to make a tradition in our family. We have thought much about establishing family traditions with our kids that they will find some meaning in and hopefully pass on and keep alive in their own families when they are grown.
We decided that we should do something with some meaning on this holiday. So we cooked 2 turkeys and some mashed potatoes, got some tea, paper plates and took Thanksgiving dinner to a colony of homeless people who live in the woods nearby where we live now. My wife and I were both a little nervous about it , but it turned out pretty good. I also think this made an impression , not only on the men who we left the food with , but even more on our kids.
I was fairly restrained in what I said to them and just told 2 of the men that I just wanted them to know that they do matter and they are not just forgotten.
My 15 year old complained about being part of this, but he didn't have to be prompted to help with the unloading of food and some clothing , toiletries ,sheets and blankets (that Grandma Sue sent with us). I also saw him shake hands with one of the men and wish him a happy thanksgiving( he also told my mother that it was pretty cool ) . I really hope this was what God would have us do, some people would say it was risky and we could have put our children in danger. But, I think this made what will be a lasting impression on them. So yeah , it was a really great day and I felt slightly guilty for having so much , sad for those people who are living out in that little section of woods and so incredibly blessed To be surrounded by such love .
Thank you Lord
On a sadder note, I found out my oldest son is back in jail.
But at least he is alive and he will not sleep on the street tonight and I will probably not get that phone call I have been expecting in the back of my mind to tell me he was found dead. Maybe this will be the time that he will save his own life. I hope that God Gets a hold of him and he can see that he is destroying his life . I so want my son back , he was such a good boy and I was always so proud of him.
I ask any one who reads this to please pray for him. I don't want to bury my son .


Johanna said...

That was really beautiful, and any reader should be informed that it was you alone that cooked turkeys, while your wife lay in bed sleeping.

Kristen said...

I am so moved and amazed by what you guys did on Thanksgiving. God bless you! I think that's a wonderful tradition to implement, and I think it's really important that the kids were with you, that they saw and understood what was going on.

I will pray for your eldest.

Suztash said...

He is in my prayers daily. A woman in my little prayer group also has a son (20 years old) in prison. God has broken through to his heart just recently and he believes that God wants him to preach. He has been an encouragement and witness to fellow inmates. Wouldn't it be something if your son and this lady's son were somehow to be placed in close proximity to each other?! God is good and faithful and is constantly working in our lives. He is the God of the impossible! These young men are in capable hands!