Saturday, October 25, 2008

I am not feeling so good right now.
But hey, nothing lasts forever, right?


sandwhichisthere said...

Take heart Shaun. I read your lament that sounded like a gentle wail in the night. Did you ever hear the B.J. Thomas song about the birds that has the phrase "I'm so lonesome I could cry.". Crying doesn't change anything, it just gets your nose wet unles you are prone and then, as Frank Zappa said, "I got tears in my ears, from lying on my back, crying my eyes out over you.".
Take heart, things somehow always get better. I have been there and, as hard as it is to take such advice, they always get better. Not always a lot better but better.
Remember "The Sun is gonna shine tomorrow, tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar yes it is!",

P.S. This is no time to go and see a Russian play or read Ibsen. It is a good time to read Frost but not Sandburg. It is a good time to compose a happy poem for yourself, full of sunshine, laughter, cookies and puppies. Just thinking of happy things can sometimes make the unhappy things seem smaller. I don't mean to trivialize your feelings but to just offer a few things that have helped me and coming from me that should mean something. I am the poster boy for "Typical Scandinavian Depression". I even have a piece of paper to prove it.

Kansas Bob said...

Sending blessings from Kansas..

Cap'n Slappy said...

Time to curl up and listen to George Jones "She Thinks I Still Care", "makes your dog weep, makes your roof leak"-James Taylor-and then walk out in the sun and take out your trash and pick up the dog poop and feed the chickens and be glad to be able to. The sun will come quote a polyester suited youngster I can't freaking stand, or put to the same tune, "it's time to put on, pajamas, little boys should listen to their mamas..."