Saturday, August 13, 2011


This summer is turning out to be ok, at least I have been working the whole summer except for a couple of days off that I took.
I'm struggling with some personal issues that are all mine, my fault & my problem. It does get pretty hard not to stay focused on those even when things are going really well, but I'm working on it.
Our mini vacation was pretty cool, we took the boys to Sea World in Orlando, but I think they liked the Hotel better than Sea World.
I got some pretty cool pictures too. Calvin Me and A.J. Near the entrance to Manta.

and some sea lions.
I also got one good Shamu shot.

I think this is the same whale that was involved in 3 separate deaths, the last one he drowned his trainer.
They are pretty amazing animals.
there was a lot of cool stuff to do and see.
But man was it hot.

It's been super hot here all summer, thank God we got a new ac unit right near the beginning of the season. It cut our electric bill down quite a bit as well as freakin rockin at keeping this place cool.

The boys all want to go back to regular school this year and Mike is super excited because of the clubs and things that he will be able to go to in middle school.
The other 2 are only upset by this.
My job is going ok but they are sort of forcing me to go to a different unit.
I'm not really upset by it as long as I get the promotion I am angling for. We shall see.
I know I am lucky to have a job, especially with my personal.. uh .. drawbacks?

Well, that's it I guess. Just a summer update, over all we are all good here.


sandwhichisthere said...

it was nice to see your post and nice to hear that things are going well. Years ago I stopped hoping that things would get better and started hoping that things would not get any worse.
It has been hot here also. Several days have been over eighty degrees. We are not used to such heat in New England. Still, on the porch in the morning before the Sun rises,it is necessary to have a shirt on. It is nice and cool at that time.
I was interested to read your comment about the whale. If we go to see a diving duck, what do we expect to see? If we go to see a trumpeter swan, what do we expect to hear? Why would anyone swim with a Killer Whale?
The photographs were a real treat. The boys look healthy and you look content,

Kansas Bob said...

Thx for the update Shaun. Our Chicago summer has been cool but difficult.

shaun said...

I'm not sure why people do crazy things, I don't know why I do the things I do sometimes. I'm really glad you like the pictures.

I'm sorry summer has been rough, I hope that Anne is doing ok & that you are staying strong.
I know lately I'm not feeling so strong.

Steve Finnell said...

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cantando o amor apenas!! said...

Olá Shaun!!! você não me conhece naturalmente mas gostei do seu bloge e de sua s mensagems.

Anonymous said...

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