Sunday, July 22, 2007

Good Night

As usual I am awake a lot later than I need to be . Given the present time, I am probably not going to make it to church this week either (it is a bit of a challenge anyway because Johanna has been going to a later service since the first one is at 8:30 a.m. ) I haven't made it to a service in weeks.
The odd thing about it is , I used to equate my church service attendance with my closeness to God , I don't really feel that way any more. Maybe this is just my way of absolving myself of any guilt over skipping . But I work mostly nights , I definitely have some sleep deprivation issues going on and the only service I can make it to I am going to have to go to alone , because no one else is going to get up to go with me & then I will not see my family for the entire day because I close almost every Sunday night.
So , are these just excuses? Probably. Will I make to church in the morning? I doubt it . I could go to a slightly later service at the church I used to attend , I will keep that in mind , but once again the issue of not even seeing my family for the whole day. Sounds silly probably , But I hate that .
any way I should sleep . Good night .

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Kristen said...

I've been struggling with this, too. But I definitely believe that you don't have to go to church every week to be close to God or to worship him. This afternoon, while A and R went off by themselves for an hour or so, I did a bunch of stuff around the house and yard, and then I just sat on the patio. I watched sparrows playing and fluttering through the sprinkler, and I thought about that verse where Jesus talked about God caring for the sparrows/birds. And I thanked God for the beauty in my own backyard and for caring for me and everyone I love. I was as present with God as I am when I'm in church. It was wonderful. So, try not to feel guilty about not making it to church in awhile. God knows you need rest and time with your family.

I'll have to send you and Johanna that "Joseph" book I was telling you about when I'm done with it. It has some interesting thoughts about this very issue!

God bless!