Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I am on vacation. I really can't afford the time off, but I needed it. This has been the most relaxing couple of days I have had in a long time. We have been here since Saturday night and I can only stay till Thursday night but it is so nice. My wife's family is so nice, all of them. I have these moments where I feel like an intruder but for the most part I feel pretty at ease here with them. We are staying in a beach house that I could never afford right on the beach in Saint Augustine, Florida. I live in Florida, but we don't have beaches like this down South on the West coast. I have taken some pretty cool pictures I will post a couple.
Sea oats in the morning

the morning sun on the beach

the board walk from the house to the beach

It's really pretty quiet and peaceful (except for the occasional screaming child) and I think this has been really wonderful so far. I am so glad I didn't decide to stay home.
Well I need to go rest some more,



Jeff McQ said...

Got to visit St. Augustine last year, to recuperate from Disney World. :) Very nice area.

Enjoy your rest, bro.

Kansas Bob said...

Love St Augustine.. we mused about moving to Jacksonville before Ann got sick.

It was so great to hear about this time that you have time to get away Shaun.. we all need time to destress.

Blessings, Bob