Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanks Giving

Our Thanks Giving day was pretty cool.
Johanna made a 22 lb turkey and I think we have almost half of it left.
My family all came out here to the new place ( the farm house) and we rode 4 wheelers and ate and drank coffee and the kids played and fought and in the end it was a great night and day.
I got to spend more daylight hours here than I have in a week and we got to explore a little more. We discovered a fire pit that we plan to utilize tomorrow night and we found that some Bees have taken up residence in the old shack that is down in front of the main house(this is sort of exciting to me since I am very interested in bees in general and I would like to start a couple of hives myself).

I think that in spite of all of the pressure and worry that consumes my thoughts lately, I have many things to be thankful for.
We have this new place and we can have as many animals as we like here, not to mention that everyone has their own bedroom and plenty of space to get away from each other if we need to.
I also am thankful that my second son(the recently troubled one) has a better attitude and seems to be doing better in general.
My oldest son is safe, for now.
All of the other kids are getting over colds, but they all seem to be doing ok including liking the new schools.
My wife is living in the same house as me for the first time in months.
She is also blissfully happy to be living here in the middle of nowhere with all of these cows around us ever day.
I have a pretty good job that doesn't pay enough but it is a job and unlike so many Americans I have not been out of work at all.
My brothers and sister are doing well and their kids all seem to be fine too.
I will not be rich ( at least in the next few years and probably never) But my family has what they need and we love each other.
I am really thankful that my life is what it is right now. I will do my best to enjoy this place and the ones I love.
I will try to remember why it is I work as hard as I do and treasure the people in my life, because that is what I am most thankful for.
As I look around me, I realize that God really does love me, it's so evident because I don't deserve this and yet here I am hopefully realizing a dream and staying here for years to come.
If not I will be ok, but I am very thankful today


sandwhichisthere said...

you are a lucky man. You've got it all. A home in the country, your wife and family close, a secure job, and you work next door. I especially envy that. I used to spend three hours a day commuting to work, thirteen hours a day working, and eight hours sleeping. The rest of the time was for my family. You are a lucky man and a rich man. You work for an organization that doesn't start laying off every time the stock market burps. Money isn't wealth, it comes and it goes but it never stays around very long. To be able to lie in bed at night with your family sleeping peacefully and safely around you with full bellies, listening to owls hoot in the night, that is wealth,

Tera Rose said...

I agree with got it all.

Glad to hear you are all in...

and warm...

and she's getting back online soon, right????

Happy thanksgiving....

Kansas Bob said...

This post warmed my heart Shaun. Nice to see things are going well. Wishing you a great Christmas season.

Blessings, Bob

Grace said...

You do, indeed, sound like a very rich man. For rich he is, who knows his God. Enjoyed visiting your blog here for the first time. P.S. Really miss JoHanna's blog posts.