Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Employment issues


So, maybe that was a bit uncalled for, sorry for that.
But, it's true.
I have sent out more resumes in the past few days than collectively in my entire life.
of course I didn't used to send out anything, I just went to the place that looked like I might be able to get a job and viola I got a job. Things have changed. Now, everyone wants you to apply online, and send a resume, and submit to a background check. Oh I also forgot the part about not wanting to pay crap.
Well, slight exaggeration on my part; they actually do want to pay crap(sorry about that too)
I should feel very blessed to still have a job, actually I do. I just really was hoping that I would be doing a little better than I am now and things are really tight. We do have this great house and live out in the country now (adding another challenge to my "part time " job hunt)
And our lifestyle changes have been pretty wonderful (except for the fact that I can't get high speed internet in any form other than satellite) and I am really grateful for the way things have worked out so far. Even my somewhat estranged son is doing pretty well living apart from us for now. I am happy about that and sad that he couldn't do better living here, or at the other house. But he is doing better and may be out of trouble soon and (Hopefully) on his way to being a productive , well adjusted member of society.
But I am still stressed over money and the fact that it has recently come to my attention that my job could disappear without much warning.. Or at least that is how it feels, maybe this is about trusting God..
I still feel the need to look for other options while trying really hard not to worry and trust that we will be ok and God has not brought us this far to abandon us.
But many people have lost jobs and homes and money.
The whole world is worried about what will happen next. So what should I do?
I wish I had some deep spiritual truth to talk about but what is on my mind is money & the lack there of. We are fed, we have enough and I guess I should be really thankful for that..
I hope you are all doing well and not worried in the least about your job security or money.


Tera Rose said...

hello shaun-
wondering, does loosing you job without notice mean you also loose your home?

i am sorry you have to worry so much. personally, i don't believe it is about trusting God...because the economy is bad- people are loosing their jobs even after is frankly, scarey. We're talking about feeding a family and keeping a roof over their heads-

my sister, her husband and their 4 kids moved into my mothers house the last week of October....his job is temp. After his company (of whom he worked for over 15 yrs) downsized; he was forced to work temp. The new company hired him for 2 years- that ends this march- they can't keep him past that because then they legally have to give him full time status benefits- so even though they want too...he is again without work.

it is traumatizing to not know if tomorrow there'll be money...

but, if you get to stay living where you are, those seed catalogs are coming! See if you all can plant the biggest garden you ever'll have fun....and food will be less expensive.

a friend of ours recently spent an afternoon cutting up and preparing two deer they caught-

they were grateful for the skill they had- (which i don't)
and yet depressed that he has been out of work for so long- they are believers....trusting and having faith- and still needing to find a way to feed the kids.

hugs to you.

Kansas Bob said...

Hi Shaun,

Glad to hear about your son. I'll add your job situation to my prayer blog.. and I will pray.

Blessings to you brother!

Standing with you, Bob

shaun said...

Thanks for the concern.
It would not mean I would lose the house right away , I have a lease.
But as you all know living here requires that I do have an income, and we were planning on trying to get a garden going soon.
Thanks for the prayers Bob, I think we need that most of all.

Kristen said...

I'm praying for you guys always, Shaun. I know God is going to take care of all of us during this tough time.