Thursday, April 02, 2009

Long time no see

Wow! I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted. But that's ok I have been pretty busy. My new job is going well & I am pretty happy here so far.
I am mostly writing this because I was talking with a family member on IM & I said that I was going to post this chicken video. Only, it's not chickens, it's eggs; being candled. So it is chickens, they just aren't finished yet. ok so here it is:

SO I hope those are entertaining. I was really amazed to see them moving around like that in the egg. We still have not successfully hatched any chickens, but we are getting closer & in the next few days we should get a few at least. We shall see.
if our incubation fails we do have one hen who is setting now and hopefully she will be a good mom. we may just take the chicks from the beginning anyway. or cage them all together.
Out here we have more problems with losing babies than we did in the neighborhood.

On the job front, things are pretty good right now. I really like working at the university and I think they like having me there. We are getting lots of complements on the food and it seems like I will be able to stay here for a while ( as long as we can figure out what we are doing over the summer).
Not much farm action going on here except that we have a bunch of seedlings that will be ready to go in the ground soon. We also have a hive of bees but not a hive I set up, they just showed up. I try to keep the kids away from them(which isn't really hard, all you have to say is,"there's bees over there" and they pretty much avoid that area) but I love just going up and watching them. I have always been fascinated with bees and I really want to start keeping them. Right now it's just money holding me back, but I do already have some bees! I should post some pictures of them, they're really cool. At least I think they are, they are such amazing little animals.
I have been working every Sunday and we have pretty much stopped attending a church. The boys will go on Easter with grandma, and I guess that's cool. I think we sort of agree that "attending" a service is not the most important thing we can do. We pray together as a family and we teach our kids about God and we talk about Jesus, but we don't make them go to church every week because frankly, I for one think the effort involved in making it to a church meeting was not really worth the strain that it puts on us as a family. We all believe in God, We love Jesus, we just don't go to a "church" building all the time. I'm not saying it's the way to be or anything, but I think it's the right thing for us right now.
Any way, I hope you are all doing well.


Kristen said...

Those are so cool, Shaun! And timely - I just took R yesterday to the Museum of Science and he noticed the fetal development exhibit for the first time. He was absolutely fascinated with the video about growing babies (human) - and with the fact that he was once the size of a lentil. :-)

I'm so glad the job front is good. And, I agree with you about church. I think it's more about the life you lead and what you're teaching the kids than about attending church every week. (Although I'm going to give our Lutheran church another try this weekend with A and R. We'll see how that goes.)

Kansas Bob said...

Praying for Johanna.. please keep me updated on her progress.

Blessings, Bob

sandwhichisthere said...


sandwhichisthere said...

how is Johanna? I have tried calling several times but all I get is several rings and then a burst of data. I hope that all is well with you and your family,