Friday, May 08, 2009

Update on Us

Due to comments I wanted to post something about Johanna.
So far so good, she seems pretty good but we haven't been back to the doctor since her surgery.
We should know more next Wed. because they are supposed to have results from the tissue they took during the procedure.
We definitely need any one who can to pray about her health because I need her & her children need her a lot. She does really seem pretty good, there is more of an emotional thing going on than any physical ailment.
We are also both looking for jobs right now because I was laid off from the college for the summer and I haven't found anything yet. I did apply for unemployment, but that will take weeks to kick in, if they give it to me. I am really new at the unemployment thing so it is pretty scary to me.
if things get bad enough I will get a job doing anything at all before I let us go completely broke.
Johanna did take a class for her CNA test prep. But her test isn't till the end of this month and she hasn't found anywhere that will hire her without having the certification already.
All of that said, kids are all doing well. They are a bunch of wieners and they know it.
There has been a lot of playing in the pool and WII competition in our house.
I am actually amazingly calm about life right now, even though I have never been out of work before, except for when I was in prison.
I also know that I will find something soon or she will and maybe we both will.
I don't believe that God has brought us this far to leave us or let us fail out here. But who am I? It seems like a great place for us to raise these kids, But we do have to be able to pull it off or it won't happen.
At least we still could move back to NPR if we needed to. But neither of us wants that.
Well, I need to make some calls and I have an application that I need to fill out.
I hope you all are doing well. I think we are going to be ok.