Saturday, June 13, 2009

Update on us. My monthly post :D

Things are better than they were. I had a pretty good lesson in swallowing my pride and we didn’t have to move. I want to apologize to anyone who may be reading this who we seemingly imposed ourselves on during the last month. I will try to never do anything like that again.

    Two really great things happened in that past couple of weeks: 1) Johanna got a job at a group home/day program for people with Cerebral Palsy   2) I worked a full week @ the University and I am really confident that they do want me back and went out of their way to offer me work for fear of losing me.

     So we are on semi-solid ground with finances for now and I am less emotionally tapped than I was a few short weeks ago.

 I think Johanna is too and even though our new schedules are going to be tough to work out, we will figure something out and start to get back into the black again.

      Life is just a little too complicated for me some days. I have never been out of work before and I really don’t like that feeling, but I think I can learn from it and I can’t help but think that God is going to use this to grow something a little in me.

   Meanwhile, I am trying to make plans (ha!) and relax and love my wife and kids.

 It sounds uncomplicated but really for me it’s not.

I find that I am still a very self centered and selfish person, but I am a work in progress.

All in all, life is really good. The pool is almost clean and it is really hot here now, but life is good.

  I hope yours is too.



Kansas Bob said...

My heart is rejoicing as I read your update Shaun. I really resonate with this:

"Life is just a little too complicated for me some days."

I wish it was simpler.

Blessings, Bob

Tera Rose said...

Hey, i have a lot of reading up to do here....sounds like a lot has been happening...

send your wife my love...

sandwhichisthere said...

life is a little complicated as King Kong was a little monkey. Somehow complications always seem to resolve themselves. It is a good thing that they do because I have never been able to resolve them. Me and my companion jetsam just keep on keepin on. There is no destination, there is only the journey. Just remember to sample the fragrance of the roses,

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