Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ode to Zeke

Ode  (owed) to Zeke

You were just a child of five,
When you came into my life.
I didn’t know what I wanted
That day that you arrived

But you saw right through me,
Wisdom beyond your years
Heartbreak and sorrow
                                                      Realized all your fears.

You had eyes of fire,
Olive skin & Coal black hair
A smile to blind the sun
And a calculating stare

It wasn’t you,
It wasn’t me,
It was the way it had to be,
My only consolation.
Is hoping now you’re free
Not fighting in your flesh
How  you were meant to be

Life is never easy
Not yours’ to say the least
You lived a constant battle
Fighting with the beast.

The beast that lived outside,
The beast that lived within
The beast that so entangled
The child that was my friend

I just want to say ,
I’ll love you till my end
I’ll have a void inside me
Until I see you once again
Till I see you once again,
Till I see you…


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