Thursday, October 11, 2007

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I am not a huge reader. I really only read a couple of books a year and they have to interest me greatly for me to finish them.
Well I recently read a book that was written by one of my favorite musicians David Crowder . That book is called "Praise Habit , finding God in sunsets & sushi ". It was really good and I got some good insight from it. It focuses on making praise a habit rather than something we do at church . The theme is pretty much that God is ever present in the mundane every day things we do and His desire is that we praise Him in those things realizing that God is the center of everything, everything we are everything we see everything we do. Anyway I really like David Crowder and I think he is very genuine (especially for such a public figure) in a world where even the religious leaders or others we would refer to as "Spiritual" seem to be selling something just like the rest of the free market we call society.
So I go to work , where I am a manager of the restaurant variety, and start telling the only other openly christian person I know there about this book and how funny it is & the unique perspective that he puts on things . She tells me that her son has been reading a book by the same guy! (Whoda thunk it?!) Then she asks me if I would consider a swap ( of the temporary variety ) and I was like ,"yeah of course".
So now I am reading ( and almost done with ) "EveryBody Wants To Go To Heaven, but Nobody Wants To Die,or (The eschatology of bluegrass) " .
This Book is really amazing , I find myself laughing out loud then a few minutes later almost in tears. It's a strange layout for a literary work , but it works so far And I am almost done with it. I told my wife tonight that I will be sad when it's done. But maybe that is part of the reason for the book in the first place.
I am thinking more about the permanence of death and maybe how it might not be , but who really knows?
I mean I don't know any one that has died that I can ask about it. It seems to me that, while we are living we keep ourselves kind of separated from it and don't admit it is there. Until ,we are faced with someone else's or our own mortality, then we can't deny it any longer.
we say," tomorrow" but what if tomorrow never comes?


Ericka said...

That sounds like a really good book (or maybe i just like the title). I've been thinking a bit about this, about how modern people are so insulated from death, sickness. I wonder if it is the transition (the actual process of death) or the possibility of true nothingness that bothers people most. I suspect I'm more afraid of dying.... but because I believe that parts of me can become parts of trees & worms, dirt, water, sky after I die, and so it's almost like the parts of my body are just borrowed, or shaped from all of the matter in the universe. It's a strange concept to even contemplate sometimes, that the boundaries we draw as ourselves vs the world are almost arbitrary, but somehow I find it comforting, like it connects me to everything else.

This idea also helps me to understand the Christian notion of god & jesus being a part of everyone, of everything. I can see how the energy/spirit/matter of the everything is interconnected, all part of the same stuff.

shaun said...

Thanks Ericka!!!
I love what you just said,"it's almost like the parts of my body are just borrowed, or shaped from all of the matter in the universe."
That is so cool! You know we learn that in like 4th grade & so few people get it. We are made out of the same stuff as the rest of the universe. I mean doesn't it all come down to the same thing?
If we were all broken down to the singularity , we would be the same as the toaster or some coffee grounds.
Thanks for stopping by.