Monday, October 15, 2007

quiet time

It is very quiet here right now , I am pretty sure everyone else is asleep.
It can be really nice at times, all this quiet, but I feel some loss for the day that has gone by and I can't get it back . I wish I had more time with my family or maybe if I had gone to the park this morning I wouldn't feel like this. I usually have a blast with all of them and I want to be anywhere that Johanna is, I don't feel complete without her. I can be alone and do things alone( sometimes that's great ) but I really love being with or even just sharing space with all of them .


Kristen said...

Aha - we have opposite problems, you and I. :-) I hope you get to spend more time with Johanna and the boys very soon.

OK, I'm totally hooked on David Crowder now. I bought my tickets for the show in November tonight. Woohoo!

shaun said...

Kewel I freaking love David Crowder !!

Kristen said...

I like this font color much better!