Monday, September 01, 2008

Back in church

We just show up this Sunday for a more traditional Lutheran service than I am used to attending. In fact 'm not used to attending much right now, I haven't been going to a church service at all in a few months. It was much of the same old stuff that you would expect.It was kind of nice and comfortable and I think that's ok. I still have issues with some of the institutional trappings such as clergy and laity separation and how for many people, showing up there is their Christian duty (and nothing else is). I am trying to reconcile this stuff in my head and figure out a way that I can have fellowship with other believers outside of an institutional setting. People just tend to get so uncomfortable talking about God outside of "church". For me there needs to be something more than serving in a church. I have no problem doing that (as long as it doesn't take away from my family) but what I really desire is something with more meaning, something real.
I have grown tired over the years of the alter-egos that so many people have on Sunday when they are surrounded by people they perceive to be judging them. Why does it have to always be some sort of show?
One thing I really like about the Lutheran church is the lack of a "show" in services. While I loved the music in the Charismatic church I used to attend, the professionalism in the music combined with what ever else happened in the service (including the teaching/preaching of the pastor) tends to create more of a mask for everyone to put on that has little to do with who they are.
My wife thinks I like to just create an issue with authority. I guess the the truth is, as time goes on it's not that I have a problem with authority, I just don't view some of the people as authority that I used to.
Jesus said that the spirit will teach us all we need to know. He also said that the whole law was summed up in only two commandments. So why do we make it so complicated?
My wife thinks that no questioning is ok, I think questioning is ok. Luther certainly questioned.
Sorry not really sure where I am headed with all of this. I guess I am just sort of processing my thoughts here.
Any way, we went to church, it was kind of cool, and I would like to do something more than that. I guess that's what I am saying..


Kansas Bob said...

Ever think of something like prison/jil ministry Shaun? From my readings at your place I think that you would be a great at it. You can check organizations like Prison Fellowship (I worked with them for 3 years) or maybe just google jail ministry and your city. I think you might find guys to fellowship with that are involved in ministry and have similar interests.

Please let me know if you would like anymore info on this.

Happy Tuesday Bro!!

Tera Rose said...

hmmm I feel the same way about authority.

kindof like respect as well.

I hear my husband say things to the kids like "respect your elders"...

and I ask "did they earn it?"

respect and trust are things that people earn in time IMO...regardless of title, age or position.

Even Jesus did quite a bit to earn the respect and everything else that we give him. Even our love. Doesnt it say somewhere that we love him because he first loved us?

giving our submission to authority just because they are authority can be dangerous. That is how cult leaders thrive....and how Satan robs and steals from us.

The thing about your wife though- try to remember that our culture trains women that good women- especially sweet christian women- behave in a certain way in order to appear holy.

Questioning authority, complaining or being "disrespectful" (if you would) is not part of being a good christian woman. (according to the social codes of our day).

When in fact Jesus not only questionned authority; knocked it over- he told us to question them as well because there would be many false teachers.... for us to test the spirits.

I too would prefer that people talk about God outside of weddings, births, funerals and church- and especially out side of people trying to conform our view of honest talk.

Glad you had the vacation!

Suztash said...

You have a wonderful musical talent you could share! We need MEN who can play contemporary worship music. I say MEN for the sake of our youth and children...and other men your age and younger. We have too great a proportion of gray heads to brown, blond, black and red! One of the reasons we don't do more contemporary songs is because there is no one to play and lead them. Of course, you also have a gift with FOOD...always an important part of Christian fellowship. AND, you have great wit and intelligent reasoning in your faith. You could teach. Kids seem to take to men teachers...and when it comes to Christian faith, I think it packs more punch when it comes from a man. And, when you teach, you learn, too! I know you've got alot on your plate...but since you're thinking along that train of thought...about doing more, these are some of the ideas that immediately came to mind. May God lead you in the direction He has ordained for you. God bless. Sue