Sunday, March 30, 2008


Tonight was good . Stressful, but good.
Things aren't really any different at home but I am in a good
mood. I am pretty tired but wide awake. Why is it that I can be so tired
and so wound up after working all night? I don't think I'm alone in this.
For now, I will read a few more blogs, check some email and have some
semi-decent beer. Maybe I will be sleepy in a little while . I hope so
I would like to go to church again tomorrow I think. I'm not completely
sure about it but I do like it in this church at least I like some of
the things I have heard there. I wish I could find some more people to
really "Be" the church with , but I have yet to find those types of
relationships ( at least in a group setting ) .
I hope tomorrow will be good in some ways I dread it because
Sunday is usually bad at work. We shall see.


sandwhichisthere said...

Shaun, my heart goes out to you. I worked nights for many years and realize only now the strain it put on my family. I did it because nights paid more, thereby averting another strain.
I deleted the post because my views on everything come close to being insane. I don't want to foist my views on other people. especially in writing. I could end up in a room wallpapered by Goodyear.
I read your references to Johanna. Thank you. Every time I think of her my heart goes warm. I remember when she learned to ride a two wheeler. With each of her sisters I ran along beside, holding on to the seat. She would have none of that and took off down the street and when she came back she could ride a two wheeler. Johanna is Johanna. There is more going on in her mind than we lesser mortals can ever understand. She marchs to no one elses drum. If I remember correctly, I think her I.Q. is 155. She presents a facade of biting humor. She has to. There is so much tenderness and empathy in her that if she did not have that shield, the world could overwhelm her.
Johanna is like the morning Sun. Forget about the evening past and the evening to come. Just bask in the warmth of her presence.
I remember fondly one day "And here comes somebody's big dog!".
Decent beer: Heineken is decent, Double Diamond is superb but you can only get it on tap in a few revered places.

WaynO said...

I miss the family that used to be here and pray for it a lot. WaynO

sandwhichisthere said...

Shaun, I read your comment on my blog. I have one piece of advice to offer. The only thing that I contributed to the formation of Johanna is that Johanna is a definitive Swede. There is something you may not know about Swedes, they will let a percieved transgression pass with little comment. They seem to be very peaceful. A Swede with a percieved trangression makes a Sicilian seem like an Alzheimers patient. Deal with any problems immediately. They are not a reflection of the calm exterior. Ask the Russians. The word Rus is a Swedish term. They have not had a war in four hundred years, that was when they kicked the pants off of the Russians. If that does not clear up what I am trying to say, look up the definition of beserker. There is a genetic predisposition to beer, aqua-vitae, herring, and unbelievable retribution. In world war two the Germans invaded every Scandinavian country except Sweden. They knew better. Even today, the Russians keep an eye on the Swedes and so does the United States. Treat them like you would a pet wolverine. Walk softly and acquiese. Johanna is my daughter and I see the Swede in her. I have spent my life dealing with the terror that lies inside of me, it can never be released. All Swedes do.