Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh Yeah

I also found this really good beer. Just thought I would mention it. I have never seen it before today, but I am pretty impressed. I think I could really get to like this stuff..
Have a great night.


sandwhichisthere said...

My thoughts go out to you. I worked nights in the Army, nights at the telephone company, and nights at the taxi job. It wasn't by choice. I was the least senior person at all three jobs and had no choice. People that are on the night shift get a little weird. To get out of work at seven a.m. and be sitting in a bar drinking beer and eating a roast beef sandwhich elicts strange stares from observers. You are right about being thankful. Being on nights was better than not being on anything but that is hard to remember some times. I wish you well with your son. It is an experience I never had to deal with. "Blessed is the Father of daughters,".
Personal preference: There is Heineken and then there is all of that other crap. There used to be Lowenbrau from Munich and there used to be Double Diamond ale but then there used to be twenty-five cent high-test at the gas pumps. They have the nerve to call that progress,

Tera Rose said...

I can relate about working second shift.

I have a part time job on the weekends...3-11pm.

I thought second shift would be better than missing the bulk of the day with the kids- they're in bed by 8pm.

What I forgot in the equation was that when I get off at 11- it takes me about 45 minutes to wind down and another 2 hours before I can fall asleep...

I am nursing an infant who wakes up at 6 am...

so while Saturdays and Sundays are wonderful cuddle sessions at 7 am with all the little kids.....
by 8pm at work the next night, I am on "coffee" to stand up straight.

I tell myself this is temporary- that the kids won't be this small for more than a blink of an eye...

but it makes for nights at work where I am chanting to myself "i am thankful for this job, i am thankful for this job, i am thankful for this job" LOL

Now, I LOVE the WHAT I do...and what I get paid for doing (because I would do it for free)..

it's just that there isn't enough of me to do it all in one day.

Tera Rose said...

p.s. to the comment above mine-

blessed is the father of daughters?

I hope you're right.

Mine at age 2 KNEW that her color was purple and would ONLY wear purple...and if you had it on would yell at you that you were wearing HER color. pretty opinionated for a 2 year old LOL.

Cap'n Slappy said...

"Blessed is the father of daughters" is a whole lot more sentimental now that those three daughters are in their 30's and he is able to use his own bathroom and phone without making an appointment first. I remember this man blessedly standing in the backyard, hands to the sky, and blessedly yelling at an oak tree"I'm talking to you,Oak Tree, because I know that YOU will listen to me!!!!!!" an hour or so after my sister rear ended a Winnebago in his new Honda(she was distracted, waving at someone she knew, I think it was the boyfriend Blessed referred to as "The Lizard").

sandwhichisthere said...

Johanna, it was an apple tree. Once it was established that Kristen was alright, I remembered that I had told her to stay far enough behind another car so that you can see their rear wheels. When she mentioned the Lizard, that's when the bile started to rise and I knew I had to be alone.
You and your sisters brought home a lot of boys that unnerved me. Criticising a boy your daughter brings home is the surest way to cement their relationship. Ask the Capulets and the Montagues. The only defense a Father has is to say "What a wonderful boy. You sure are lucky to have met him.". That is the kiss of death to him, he is history.

WaynO said...

Ooops I forgot the thing about boyfriends and now wish one was mia. Shaun, mu son Shawn gave me one of those wild blues and it was not so bad but i kinda like malt stuff.
we got rain last night so maybe a brighter day today.

Cap'n Slappy said...

Daddy, I love you and your selective memory.