Sunday, May 04, 2008


This is getting really stupid. I am barely sleeping and man is it catching up with me.
I am going to go try and sleep in a few minutes.
My son is getting more out of control , my marriage is iffy at best right now.
( the good news is my mom likes me this week)
oh yeah , we also got a goat this morning, I am not sure if this will benefit me at all , but what ever. We already had one, but we aren't getting any milk from cocoa ( be cause cocoa is a HE ) so we got a SHE. so I guess wee shall see what will be. SEE?

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sandwhichisthere said...

A he goat and a she goat, you are aware of course that to get milk you will have to endure little goats. You are going to have a lot of goats. Once the female starts lactating, you have to keep the male separated from her or the milk will smell funny. I envy you your menagerie, I have always had a fondness for animals and fruit trees. I once considered raising beef cattle in the hall closet but wiser heads prevailed. Some day, it will have to involve a small farm in Vermont, maybe some day. Move in, stock the larder, plow up the driveway, and sit on the porch each morning and listen to the birds. Farming is not hard, it is just that the work never stops. It is not like the world we live in today where the leisure time parades endlessly into our days. So much for the promises of progress.