Sunday, June 15, 2008


Happy Father's Day!
I know I let you down sometimes, I know that I would be ashamed to call me son. But, You are always so patient with me and I want to thank you for that.
For always being there in my times of weakness and need. When I am just acting stupid and rebelling against you, your love is still constant.
Many times over you have proven yourself to me, not that you ever owed me an explanation but you are just so understanding of what it's like for me. You know how it is to be where I am.
I could never deserve the love you give me but you love me just the same because I am yours.
Thanks for that, I think you are really cool for that. Some people may look at you and see something different, they say you don't understand or that you are cruel or angry. Obviously they don't know you like I do. Because if you had cause to be angry, you certainly would have it with me. But every time come back having spent everything, dirty and ashamed, you never worry about getting dirty giving me a great big hug. You look past the filthy rags and matted hair, the incredible stink that must be on me that I can no longer smell from wallowing in it, and you see your precious son who you love who you would not let go. Ever.
Thanks for that .
Oh, uhh . I love you too.


Tera Rose said...

tough to read-
thought about calling my dad-
let the thought die....
too hard.

how's life?

shaun said...

Yeah, I can understand. My dad passed away a long time ago, I was 15. We didn't have a good relationship at all. But God..
Completely different story, except for the bad relationship(all on my side)But He is so faithful and patient with me. I hope I can at least emulate a little of that to my sons.