Friday, June 06, 2008


this is the most real thing I think about right now. My 15 year old has run away. He may just be staying away for a little while, but I haven't seen him in 2 days. I wish he would come home.
I reported him as a run away this morning with the sheriffs department.
Maybe I am completely wrong in the way I am going about this whole thing. But, I honestly don't know what to do about a son who will come in whenever he feels like it and not go to school or just skip a lot of classes.
I wish I could write about some spiritual truth that was revealed to me, but all I have in my head is this. My son who I love , is gone. He is probably ok, but I have no way of knowing.
I hope he is alright and will come home soon. I hope .


Suztash said...

You may feel completely alone in your pain and anguish. You are not! Read about David, King David, in IKings. He had a son, Absalom, who was not only rebellious, but treasonous and tried to overthrow his father and claim the throne. Yet David, even while fleeing his palace from Absalom's men, was grieving the loss of his son. When Absalom was later killed, David was the point that he had to be reprimanded by one of his own captains! David, the man "after God's own heart", the psalmist who put human longing and God's love for each individual in such wonderful prayers and prophetic writings, had real sorrow over his children. He knew what is was like to feel betrayed, ignored, rebelled against, by a child of his.
I always believe that there is great value and benefit to be found in suffering....even when it is a result of our own misdeeds! God can enlighten, teach, mold, stretch, and transform us...our spirits through the pain we experience. The greatest benefit is in sharing a little of the heart of God....His great loss of His Son for our redemption. Abraham knew a little of God's heart in this respect when he willingly laid down his son Isaac. God can reveal Himself to us in an intimate way when we open up to Him and share our pain, anguish and longing with Him.
God has not forgotten either of your older sons. He intends good for them, and His heart breaks as well as yours, for He knows what He has made them to be...the gifts He gave them and the promise locked up inside them. Our children, as we have done ourselves, take what they think belongs to them and squander it, mar it beyond recognition, may totally destroy it....But God...He does not forget them or us. We need to leave our children in His hands and trust Him to work. I know. It is a very difficult struggle. I have learned recently that we can love and hold on to our children/family members to the point of idolatry, and in that case, we desperately need to leave them in God's hands and surrender our need to control and let God be God in their lives. I will keep praying for you and them. Dive deeper into God. Climb into His lap and let Him minister to you and teach you how to be a father. Remember Jesus' story about the prodigal son? It was much more a story about the father!

Jeff McQ said...

So sorry to hear about this Shaun. Will be praying for you and your son.