Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm not really a very good example right now

I have had approximately 4 beers ( a lot for me ) And I have the slightest buzz but I am going to post this any way.
Please forgive me if you are one of those people who can't drink alcohol.
the last few days have been a little chaotic and I am teetering on a for real depression.
My son 15 ( the idiot) has been home twice as far as I know, I did get to talk to him and touch him last night , but it still doesn't look too good. He is at a friend's house tonight as well. He has barely been home in 2 weeks. I feel powerless in the situation, seems that the state can't make him do any more than I can. so that is one issue.
Then there is Otis. Otis is the dog that my wife and I got on our 1 day honeymoon because we had a whole day and no one to take care of , so we needed a dog.
The day before yesterday, he bit one of the kids. not like a nip on the hand ( the boy is fine) but a for real bite, aggressive conflict over food bite. Like this is serious. If it was someone else's dog, I would just say kill him & be done with it. But this is my dog that loves me like you would not believe. He is one of 2 best dogs in the whole world. I can't stand the thought of putting him to sleep and I am afraid he will be scared and bite a stranger that tries to take him. So here we are. Johanna asked me if I would help pay for it if we found a vet to pull all of his teeth out. I am actually thinking that this is a way I can keep my dog, I know it is a selfish thing and The kid didn't deserve to be bitten. I also wonder about putting Otie through this much pain and what his quality of life will be without teeth. He loves rib bones.
There are other contributing issues to my depressed state,Like my wife living in a different house to get away from the kid who refuses to come home.
Ah yes life is grand at times.
I am still hopeful that things will get better and I am sure they will eventually.
I sure hope so.


Kansas Bob said...

Hoping with you Shaun!

Cap'n Slappy said...

I think the really awesome, blissful part comes right after this, right? Where we have years of non-eventful boredom? I would love to write that I'm not trying to get away from that kid, but I am, taking everybody else away from that chaos, to have a (sort of) predictable everyday life that doesn't give the most attention to the one who is screaming the loudest when maybe your 3 year old voice isn't so loud. I'm sorry. You guys have stuff that needs to be sorted out without an audience,it's just a shame that one of you is never present, but a relief that I am, and the little guys, aren't the entire problem, and the house didn't become paradise after we left. The thing with Otis really sucks. Thank you for keeping him in quarantine, the county animal shelter would be hell for him. Things are going to get so much better, at some point. Love you.

WaynO said...

Been gone from this a bit but think I may be back. Keepin you all in my prayers. WaynO