Thursday, June 12, 2008

My day off

Today Is my day off , so I will make this short so then I can go back to spending time with Johanna and the kids.
This morning we got up slow, had some coffee, I helped with watering and feeding of animals and then we watched Bella together.
I thought this was a really well done picture with really incredibly powerful imagery.
In some ways I can relate to the story. We all have broken lives in some sense. Events in my life were similar ( though I think the main character's was worse than my own) but I have done time in prison, wrecked my own life and continue to deal with the consequences of the injury I have caused.
My family has paid as well, my mom, my oldest sons all paid a price for the decisions I have made. The good news? God is bigger than all of that. I can do stuff differently than I used to. I can choose love I can choose grace.
I could use some now and then too, But I think what is most important for me, is the way I freely give what has been given.
A lot of days my life really stinks. But I can still love someone or show them that they have some value.


Cap'n Slappy said...

Happy Bright Sucker Fest to you, Bright Sucker. I know that you are doing all that you can do that is humanly possibly, and maybe then a little bit more.You are not the same man that entered prison. You are a changed person that drew me to God, wanting to have the peace you had. Don't forget that. Love.

sandwhichisthere said...

the past is gone and can't be changed. We shouldn't try to change the future. Remember, those changes would be made by the incredibly wise sage that made the mistakes of the past. The present is here to revel in. "Dance a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!".
Life is not a fairy tale with a story book ending. No god in a car is going to descend to our stage and make everything right. Deus ex machina is from another age. When you lay down at night, forget about all of the complications around you. Ask yourself "Do I still like myself?". If you do, you are doing well. If you don't, it is time to find a new friend. Remember the boy you were. The boy with all of the fears and uncertainties we face in the world. That boy is still within you. Talk to him. Tell him "I will take care of you.". It makes for a peaceful night,