Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today is my wife’s birthday. It was a pretty good day, her mom took the kids overnight (my oldest was home but he is fairly self sufficient). We got to sleep in late and then took our time doing anything else for the morning. In fact we didn’t get much done at all but we did have a very relaxing morning then we went out for lunch. It was a great start to the day. Later Johanna went to the grocery store while I hung out with the kids out in the back yard. We have a small pool, a little larger than a kiddie pool so Mike and I swam while AJ was playing and hurting himself. Calvin was inside asleep.

Then later I cooked some burgers, green beans and sautéd some mushrooms. Now she is putting the little one to bed while the others are watching a dvd. I hope they all go to sleep soon, because it has been a pretty good day and that would be a great ending for it.

I’m glad she had a good day, I wish I could do more than I did for her but I really couldn’t. I thank God for a wife that so fits me, understands me and gives me some grace .


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Wanda said...

Hi Shaun: I so liked your comment on "Fireyboots" that I wanted to check out your blog...so glad I did.

I too am a Christian, and thought your Birthday for your wife was wonderful. When God gives us the right mate...it is a true blessing. My dear hubby and I will celebrate 46 yrs this June.

I'll be back for sure!
God Bless!