Monday, May 14, 2007

Adult Crap

No work today !! YeeHAWW!
I am tired , nothing too unusual, just tired . I hope today will be restful & that we will get to do something fun together as a family. It's a challenge in this house , there is always some resistance to anything that we are trying to do . Little boys are tough sometimes (older ones can be a pain as well )I love all these kids though they are pretty much what I do . I know that my wife feels the same way , even more so , at least I get to go to work. I am still hoping that one of these days I will find a way to make enough money and still have a lot of time for kids & Johanna.
Yesterday was an ok day . I am still sometimes questioning my employment decisions . We had a good day at the restaurant , but I know that BBQ is not what most moms are going to want for Mother's Day. So far except for working all the nights I like my new job , though in some ways I wish I was still a cook .
I never had to work so many nights or so many hours before . Management can really suck sometimes . Dealing with people, while I think I am pretty good at it , can be quite a hassle . Growing up in general kind of sucks . I think I want to be like 6 again . yeah that was pretty cool.

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