Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Well , there will be no picture of my toilet on here , but I will try my best to make this painless for all .
I am siting in front of this computer wondering where I am headed . What is my purpose ?
I thought I knew once , not really sure these days . I do know I had a great time with my 2 youngest boys today in their little pool . Turns out that is some of the best money we have ever spent . it was so relaxing too . Sitting in the water, letting them jump off of my back while I watch the chickens run around the yard & act like,well ; chickens . They are not very smart , but they sure can be entertaining . The fact is , I LOVE CHICKENS!!
I probably should join some kind of support group for chicken lovers . I feel like Gonzo the Great , a misunderstood misfit . When I start talking about the chickens , people look at me as if I had three heads . Has no one ever wanted really fresh eggs? Is it really such a bad thing to have all these dirty crazy birds? Maybe . I really don't care . I think it's really great that we don't have to buy eggs for months at a time . I also love to just watch them they are really cool .
well enough of that crap , hope you all have a great night & God Bless .

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Kristen said...

I think your love of chickens shows how well you and Johanna are matched! :-) A couple of months ago, Johanna confessed to me that she realized that when she gets stressed, she buys more chickens. That always makes me smile.

I'm glad you had a nice day with the boys and the pool and the chickens. I guess my toilet idea isn't catching on. LOL!