Saturday, May 19, 2007

Midnight Rambling

I am tired . I am sweaty . I am also wide awake , I hope someday son I can quit working nights . I don't really like to work nights , I am for now , it's not that bad , but I don't like it .
I thought I was almost past that stage of my life , then I changed jobs recently & now , well here we are. I am Working for Sonny's BBQ & I really like it , all but the night shifts . but , really most of our business is at night & we aren't open very late ,so it's really not the worst scenario it could be. I do miss my kids a lot though. Even if I am sometimes mentally not there & really tired I wish I was here to help my Lovely wife with getting them to bed . But, for now, I have to do this .
Is it important work? Not especially. Is it the dream job I always wanted? Not exactly. But I like it and it is paying my bills. Maybe some day I can move to Japan & become a sushi chef . Not this week . PEACE

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Kristen said...

I feel for you. I have a lot of the same feelings about my own job. I'll pray that God finds an easier way for you so that you have more time together.